DMRC’s Experimental Audio advertisements on Violet Line Trains

DMRC will play Audio advertisements on some trains of the Violet Line on an experimental basis Marketing based on audio has been gaining traction as an income model for a few metro networks in the past few years. (sound advertisements) New Delhi: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) will soon begin broadcasting audio advertisements on six … Read more

Mobile Gaming’s Impact on Holiday Advertising Attention

The Gift of Attention: Mobile Gaming Influence on Holiday Advertising Ad agencies would find out that Santa had left them a great opportunity to grab the attention of their targeted audiences by using mobile gaming. US consumers spend 28 minutes more per day on mobile games than any other major social network. In total, 11% … Read more

Ad Exec Predicts Programmatic Audio Shift for 2024

Top Trends in Programmatic Audio Advertising by 2024, Revealed by Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo, and Ad Platform Odeeo have revealed the top trends that they believe will influence audio advertising by 2024. The rise of programmatic audio is at the top of this list, echoing predictions made by the Interactive Advertising Bureau … Read more

Amazon Audio Ads: Audio Advertising Evolution

Quick Guide In the dynamic realm of advertising, companies continuously seek innovative methods to captivate their audience. One avenue garnering significant attention is Amazon audio advertisements. With technology reshaping consumer behavior, audio-based advertising emerges as a compelling way to engage customers. What Are Amazon Audio Advertisements? Similar to traditional radio ads, Amazon audio advertisements span … Read more