When was Spotify launched? Everything about the music platform’s latest deal with Nike

When did Spotify Launch, and What are Their Plans with Nike? The Spotify x Nike Partnership is an innovative combination of music, movement and mental health advocacy. On World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2023), these two titans unveiled their joint venture in the UK to empower young girls through the therapeutic realms of music … Read more

How to view your Spotify stats

Viewing Your Spotify Stats: A How-To Guide As a Spotify user, you’ve probably wondered about your habits of listening. How often did you listen to that track in the last month? What music genres do you like? When Spotify Wrapped gives you an annual overview, you may be interested in knowing your yearly figures. This … Read more

Spotify invites small and medium businesses to advertise more

Spotify is aiming to have advertising represent 20 percent of its revenues. However, there is a way to reach this goal. In 2022, advertisements comprised 12.6 percent of its revenues, up from 10.2 five years prior in 2017. Spotify’s latest strategy to accelerate its growth is to focus on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Snap … Read more