When was Spotify launched? Everything about the music platform’s latest deal with Nike

When did Spotify Launch, and What are Their Plans with Nike? The Spotify x Nike Partnership is an innovative combination of music, movement and mental health advocacy. On World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2023), these two titans unveiled their joint venture in the UK to empower young girls through the therapeutic realms of music … Read more

Optimize audio ads impact: Report advises avoiding disruption

Audio ads can be effective – provided they don’t disturb listeners: According to a report Most US consumers who listen to digital audio have interacted with ads before; however, too often, brands don’t take care in selecting appropriate formats, and they end up disconcerting customers by sending advertisements that disrupt. Last year, Lee Brown, Spotify’s … Read more

Study Finds Audio Advertising Most Effective in Positive Environments

AUDIO ADVERTISING WORKS BEST WHEN POSITIVE, STUDY FINDS The study, included in a report titled Listen Up!, found advertisements that evoked more positive emotions and less negative emotions triggered significantly more changes in consumer behaviour, such as the purchase of brands and their use. The findings are the result of a study of 131 radio … Read more