Weekly Highlights: AR/VR, Podcast Power, and Election Buzz

Weekly summary AR/VR and brand building Podcasts’ power and advertising; Elections and elections

The rise of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technology has transformed the branding field and opened up a new level of engagement and interaction. Brands can benefit from the capabilities provided by AR/VR technologies for memorable user experiences. Enhance customer engagement and distinguish themselves from the marketplace.

As a media, podcasting presents an opportunity for companies to make closer connections with listeners, increasing brand loyalty and generating engagement in completely new ways. With the huge listener engagement through podcasts, how can advertisers use this medium not only to create brand recognition but also to drive specific sales and conversions?

With the electrifying roar of political campaigns and heated debates, a new battlefield is emerging in the realm of advertising. With the elections of 2024 drawing closer, companies are getting ready to tackle this burgeoning environment with savvy and new strategies. From leveraging values to engaging in debates, advertisers are preparing to make their presence felt in the tense atmosphere.

The Godrej family announced on Tuesday the realignment of ownership for their stakes in Godrej Industries Group. Godrej Companies. Godrej Industries Group will have Nadir Godrej as its Chairperson. It is controlled by Adi Godrej and Nadir Godrej, as well as their families. Godrej Enterprises Group will now be managed by Jamshyd Godrej, the Chairman and Managing Director; Nyrika Holkar, the Executive Director; as well as the immediate family members. Pirojsha Godrej will become GIG’s Executive Vice-Chairperson. GIG and succeeds Nadir Godrej as Chairperson on August 20, 2026.

Inside this unique AG Talk interview, Nitin Chhabra, CEO of Ace Turtle, reveals the blueprint for Ace Turtle’s development and outlines the direction of retail marketing’s development. With an eye for expansion, Chhabra unveils the brand’s ambitions to be omnichannel and explains the ways Ace Turtle is poised to break through barriers and redefine the retail narrative.

The partnership between HDFC Bank and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for the IPL season will bring two formidable entities together to work together in the hopes of reaching millions of cricket fans across India. In a conversation in conversation with Adgully, Ravi Santhanam, Group Head Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Direct to Consumer Business, HDFC Bank, speaks at length about the collaboration with RCB and how HDFC Bank aims to leverage this partnership to remain at the forefront of technological innovation in the field of fintech.

In a conversation in conversation with Adgully, Shalini Singh, Group Head of Brand and Communications at RPG Group, speaks in detail about her job as a member of RPG Group, the #ChangetheStory sustainability initiative, RPG Group’s strategy for sustainability communication, and more.

In a candid chat with Adgully, the Senior Executive Director in South Asia, Puneet Avasthi talks about the recently held Kantar AI Summit, which highlighted the ways in which AI has changed the way that marketing is conducted in India. The interview focuses on important study findings, including the impact AI has on consumer behaviour and its contribution to gaining a competitive advantage.

In a recent interview in a recent discussion with Adgully, Devika Prabhu, the Head of Infotainment and Kids at Disney Star, explores the strategy of the network behind its wide range of programming that includes the recently launched “Chhota StartUp” as well as “Bhayyaji Balwan’. Prabhu clarifies the thinking behind the creation and marketing of these local animated shows, specifically when it comes to kids’ entertainment during summertime.

Technology is changing the sports broadcasting industry. In an interview in an interview with Adgully, Prashant Khanna, Director of Field Operations Studio, Field Operations, and R&D in Sports, Disney Star, gives insight into the philosophy of the development of broadcasting sports, the difficulties facing broadcasters, and the transformational impact these innovations have on the number of viewers.

A variety of changes can be expected when a brand novel series of Pokemon called ‘Pokemon Horizons: The Series – returns to the screen. In announcing his excitement over the characters and storyline, Susumu Fukunaga, CEO of The Pokemon Company, said that the new series ‘Pokemon Horizons’ is designed to inspire viewers while respecting the heritage that was left by Ash as well as Pikachu.

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