How to view your Spotify stats

Viewing Your Spotify Stats: A How-To Guide

As a Spotify user, you’ve probably wondered about your habits of listening. How often did you listen to that track in the last month? What music genres do you like? When Spotify Wrapped gives you an annual overview, you may be interested in knowing your yearly figures. This guide will help you understand how to view Spotify statistics, regardless of whether you’re using the app, the web player, or any third-party tool.

How do you view your statistics in the Spotify app?

Apart from wrapping, Spotify doesn’t provide detailed data like minute listening time. However, it includes a list of your favourite artists and songs. It’s not possible to determine the exact amount of time you’ve spent listening to each one. However, these lists are arranged when you’ve finished listening to them.

Before viewing the basic statistics in your Spotify mobile application, you must turn on the “Recently Played Artists” feature. This feature lets you display your most recent artists on your Profile. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Spotify smartphone app’s homepage screen, tap on the Settings icon on the top in the top right.
  2. Scroll down to enable the Recently played artist option. Scroll down and help the Recently played artists.

Once you’ve enabled the option, you will be able to check your Spotify statistics on your mobile app by doing these things:

  1. Scroll up and tap on View Profile.
  2. In your personal Profile, you will see the most recently performed artist.

Your Profile’s page is where you’ll only view the top three most recently played artists. However, you can see a complete list of artists you have recently heard, which ranges from three to 50. Spotify selects the artists featured on this list based on your most recently played music. You can check your music history by clicking the History icon from your home screen.

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How to check your stats on your account on the Spotify web player

For how to view Spotify stats on your internet player, Follow these steps:

  1. Click here to go to
  2. After you have logged into your account, click the User icon at the top right part of the page and then select Profile.
  3. In your personal Profile, you can check out your top tracks and artists for the month.

In contrast to the artists you’ve recently heard that are available on the Spotify mobile app, the top tracks and artists list are determined by how often you pay attention to them. Click Show All to view the entire list, including as many as 10 of your most-loved artists and up to 50 of your most popular songs.

How to get your stats with the help of Stats for Spotify

Third-party tools such as Stats for Spotify provide more information about the top genres. To make use of Stats for Spotify to get more insight into your Spotify listening habits, Follow these steps:

  1. Visit to
  2. Go through the agreement page and click Agree to let Stats for Spotify view your Spotify information, monitor your activities on Spotify, and then take action through Spotify on your behalf.
  3. Select a category in the categories to see your statistics.
  4. That’s it. You can check your Spotify statistics.

Stats for Spotify lets users look at your music listening information for the last four weeks, either for six months or when you first joined Spotify. Other third-party tools are available to aid you in looking up Spotify statistics, including:

How to check your Spotify Wrapped

If you’re looking for an annual summary of your Spotify activities, the service’s Wrapped feature is what you’re searching for. In contrast to other features, it provides figures that give you a complete overview of your listening patterns.

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