Study Finds Audio Advertising Most Effective in Positive Environments

Audio Advertising


The study, included in a report titled Listen Up!, found advertisements that evoked more positive emotions and less negative emotions triggered significantly more changes in consumer behaviour, such as the purchase of brands and their use.

The findings are the result of a study of 131 radio advertisements with emotional and adequate information taken from over 50k radio listeners and non-listeners.

The report found radio is just as likely to create lasting consequences through an emotional reaction as television ads. Well-branded ads have a significant boost in the trust-building power of radio.

Audio advertising that employs elements such as character, storytelling, sense of place, and dramatic intimacy creates more positive emotions and less negative emotions, grabs more attention from a wider audience and creates more lasting memories, the research concluded.

Andrew Tindall, author of Listen Up! and director of global partnerships at System1, stated: “In Listen Up!, we demonstrate how to harness the trust and intimacy of radio to create long-lasting business effects not by demanding attention, but by attracting it with voice, dialogue, music and drama.”

Mark Barber, planning director at Radiocentre and Radiocentre, stated, “In the demonstration of how audio-only ads can be just equally effective as audio-visual ads and the significance of using more emotionally-driven right-brain creative tools to maximize the impact of its message, System1’s data-driven examination of the creative power of audio could change perceptions of audio-based advertising generally.

“The best practice recommendations it presents, if acted upon, will benefit writing and production processes and deliver better-sounding and even more effective audio ads – a welcome outcome for both listeners and advertisers.”

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